This piece was inspired by William Hope Hodgson’s short story The Voice In the Night. It was featured in the joint show Growth//Decay at both Paradigm & Antler Galleries.

Paradigm Gallery and Antler Gallery are excited to present a co-curated group exhibition which spans two themes and two cities, with an opening reception on each coast. Both galleries invited 16 artists, asking them to make two pieces tackling the themes of Growth and Decay.

We live in a time when progress and destruction — physical, economic, and sociological — seem to go hand in hand. This theme opens up space to consider the binary nature of the world we live in. The theme was selected as we felt it was universal enough to be explored by the vast majority of artists yet also offered a distinct duality which fulfills the desire to open different shows in each city. Both aspects of the theme needed to be cohesive with the other but also be able to stand alone as its own show in isolation, as all of the “Growth” works will be on display in Philadelphia at Paradigm Gallery and all of the “Decay” works will be on display at Antler Gallery in Portland, with openings less than one week apart. The works may be viewed as stand alone pieces, but many also serve as diptych works.”

The Growth opening was on June 24th, 2016 at Paradigm Gallery.


Frames fabricated by Brad Lundsford, photographed by Jason Chen.