This is your first year? Welcome! Oh, you’re going to love it here at Miskatonic. Just . . . be careful. I mean, I’m sure everything will be fine, but you know, things happen. This can be a strange place. You hear stories: people changing and buildings rearranging, ghostly sounds and overly attentive textbooks, odd notions and foul deeds . . . even monsters! Hah. Just stories, right? Sure.

Faculty struggling for funding in the occult sciences. Students trying to navigate whole new worlds of possibility. Administration striving for growth and progress and not just damage control. And Arkham residents adjusting to the constant influx of new faces.

Just study hard. Party safe. Maybe find love. And don’t die.

Brandon O’Brien – Bennett North – Kristi DeMeester – Elliot Cooper – Liz Schriftsteller
– KG McAbee – Brenda Kezar – Nate Southard – Scott R. Jones – Gina Marie Guadagnino -Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. – Marcus Chan – Gwendolyn Kiste – Matthew M. Bartlett