The Xipéhuz is a novella by J.-H. Rosny aîné originally published in 1887 in Belgium. This edition is translated by Scott Nicolay. It also includes his essay about the story from Stories From The Borderland.

“A horde of conical, unstoppable, and seemingly indestructible antagonists, exterminating all organic life with mysterious heat rays, resisting every attempt at communication and impervious to all conventional weapons everywhere but a single vulnerable point…this is a familiar scenario to most of my readers, n’est-ce pas? Only I am not describing the Daleks. My subject is les Xipéhuz. The Daleks have been around for a long time—they were born the same year as me—but the Xipéhuz have been among us a good deal longer.”

The Xipéhuz will be published in March, 2017 by Dim Shores.