This piece is inspired by the description of the demon Orias from the Goetia: The Lesser Key Of Solomon. This piece was featured in the show Countdown to (En)Danger at B2.

“The Fifty-ninth Spirit is Oriax, or Orias. He is a Great Marquis, and appeareth in the Form of a Lion,26 riding upon a Horse Mighty and Strong, with a Serpent’s Tail; and he holdeth in his Right Hand two Great Serpents hissing. His Office is to teach the Virtues of the Stars, and to know the Mansions of the Planets, and how to understand their Virtues. He also transformeth Men, and he giveth Dignities, Prelacies, and Confirmation thereof; also Favour with Friends and with Foes. He doth govern 30 Legions of Spirits;”

Countdown To (En)Danger opened on October 14th, 2012 at B2.


Flyer art by Chris Schoonover.